family photo

I am passionate about living a good, happy and connected life and about the importance of raising children to believe in themselves and love themselves for who they are.
This passion has lead me on many adventures, I have worked with some gorgeous families and children, completed a BA in Psychology and my Yoga Teaching Diploma.  I have travelled around the world with my husband and we are now losunflowerving raising our daughter by the beach in Byron Bay.

Together with my mother and
sister we have created the Beetle Bottoms children’s books, games and dolls, which are all designed to keep kids, kids and celebrate childhood.

I recently lost my father to suicide which has been life changing.  Throughout my life he had struggled with depression, we loved each other absolutely but we
definitely faced many challenges.  My parents divorce and my relationship with my father set my life on a new coarse and filled me with a desire to help other families who are going through similar challenges.  I hope that as I share my journey of healing and lessons I have learnt along the way they will serve as a  reminder of how precious life is and how amazing each and every one of us is. Since my fathers death I have started to take care of my body better, to fill it with healthy foods and embrace who I am with love and acceptance.

Today lets all take a moment to breath, to enjoy a view and to give thanks for the annoying, mundane and amazing moments in our lives because each moment is a gift and a miracle.  I am so grateful we are all here to share this journey together.

Lots of love,





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